The GMSS risk management division offers customized and fully integrated solutions to identify, monitor and counter threats, mitigate risk and protect customers, exploiting a comprehensive range of expertise, including in close protection, mission planning and training, facility management, a wide spectrum of intelligence services, and various additional specialized solutions.

We are proud of our unrivalled multinational team, including intelligence experts and veterans of the world’s elite military units, who are ready to support any mission even in the most austere environments.

Our clients enjoy well-rounded risk management services, supported by first-class equipment and advanced technology, allowing seamless and efficient operations. We will stop at nothing to keep you safe.

GMSS customers range from high-profile individuals such as Fortune 500 CEOs, political figures, and specialized journalists to commercial entities, news groups, and government agencies. We are an agile organization, offering cost-effective solutions to meet customer needs, from one-off PSD support or intelligence products to long-term and around-the-clock risk management services.


Armoured vehicles/transports

Static and mobile security

Bespoke concierge services

Specialty journalism PSD

K9 teams

Command center operations

QRF extraction


Surveillance & Counter-surveillance

Tracking & Monitoring, incl. vehicle & personnel tracking via GSM/sat.

Risk Matrix Software

Secure communication devices



Emergency medical care, medevacs and first aid

Comprehensive intelligence services