GMSS has both expertise and capability in design and construction to support client operations anywhere in the world. We understand the complexities of expeditionary missions and through our years-long experience and knowledge of international procedures, relationships with host authorities, and extensive networks of local partners, we have the capability to rapidly deliver costeffective results.
We offer fully integrated solutions, including logistical support and onsite facility management services. Whether your mission is to build a permanent base complex, a warehouse or simply pave a road, we design smooth and rapid solutions tailored to your needs.


Feasibility Studies

Expeditionary Surveys

Major Earthworks & Civil Engineering

Primary, Secondary and Service Road

Expeditionary Hardened Airstrips

Sewage, water & electrical reticulation

River docking facilities

Modular Bridging Solutions

Floating roads on organic peat/cotton soil

Aircraft Hangars

Training Facilities

Water Purification Plants