Expeditionary Construction

Civil Engineering Design and Construction

  • Major Earthworks & Civils
  • Primary, Secondary and Service Roads
  • Expeditionary Hardened Airstrips
  • Temporary and Turn-key Permanent Base Camps including sewage, water & electrical reticulation
  • River docking facilities
  • Modular Bridging Solutions (construction of Maybe/Bailey Bridges)
  • Floating roads on organic peat/cotton soil
  • Aircraft Hangars
  • Ground Training Facilities
  • Water Purification Plants (Reverse Osmosis and Desalination)

Expeditionary Studies

Expeditionary Surveys, Assessments & Feasibility Studies

Mobility Abroad

Whether the mission is to build lodging facilities for client support staff, a warehouse to hold equipment and supplies, or a road needed for quick direct access, we can mobilize with rapid capability to go abroad providing timely action pertaining to the needs of the client